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Why buy sunbed pad cushions for your tourist facilities?

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Sunbed pad cushions are comfortable cushions that you can apply to your beach beds. Even the choice to buy “simple” bathing comfort items like these stuffed cushions for beach loungers, however, must be regulated by careful research. This is why we are giving you some tips this week too. We want to be sure that you can always make the right choice for you, your guests and your facilities.

It will not be a blog article that will tell you that it is important to ask yourself in which environment your beds are intended to bring relaxation. If you choose quality sunbed pad cushions you will not have this problem to deal with. It is not even necessary to worry about knowing if your beach equipments are made of wood, aluminum, rattan or plastic. These are not the characteristics on which we would like to see you focused.

Why use sunbed pad cushions for your beach furniture?

We have traveled a lot on business and have had the chance to see breathtaking scenarios. Sunsets over the sea framed by palm trees that swayed at the breeze. We used to meet for a couple of cocktails in some wonderful beach bar by the sea, or we were guests of luxurious and well-kept hotels. Punctually it happened that we were resting on visibly elegant but equally uncomfortable beds. Not a few times it would have been enough to add simple sunbed pad cushions to increase the value of the structure both in terms of image and comfort, making it perfect.

Have you ever seen the customers of your beaches or the guests of your resorts get up from their afternoon rest and have their back marked by the slats of your beach bed or the name of your beach establishment tattooed on their skin? It is certainly an excellent marketing strategy to “leave a mark on your guests”, but we like to think that it is better to remain indelibly in their minds rather than temporarily on their skin. The right sunbed pad cushions have the potential to fulfill this task.

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What qualities should a sunbed pad cushion have?

The sunbed pad cushions are beach furniture items that do not come “out of the box”. They are not born with the mission to revolutionize the design and the shape of your beaches or your hotels. Theirs is a dual mission. The first, to satisfy the needs of comfort of your guests, leading them into the luxury of relaxation. The second is to offer a concrete solution to the owners of beach bars and seaside tourist facilities tired of changing and replacing the fabric of faded sunbeds worn-out by years, salt and chlorine.

We therefore feel able to affirm that some good sunbed pad cushions should be soft and comfortable for your guests, resistant and practical for the owners and managers of tourist facilities . If this answer is not enough then we could also add that quality raw materials and Made in Italy production make the difference. Ah, we understand! You are accurate types and you want to know how to be sure of buying quality sunbed pad cushions. Then we believe you are in the right place because we have been producing them for years now.

How are good sunbed pad cushions made?

The difference is in the details. We have always believed this to be the case, and that is why all the sunbed pad cushions we produce are hand-sewn and assembled with care and dedication by our tailors. Particular attention is paid to the seams. They are reinforced to prevent sagging or lacerations of the fabric. A super soft high-density foam plate performs the padding role while a convenient plastic zip was the perfect solution to avoid the appearance of annoyances by corrosive agents such as salt and chlorine.

We chose to produce them in two fabric variants: nautical eco-leather and 100% acrylic fabric. Both fabrics are easily washable and have the best impermeability and the highest resistance to exposure to UV rays, lacerations and possible attacks by fungi and bacteria.

Having also overcome the aforementioned marketing strategy of the “sunbed tattoo”, we still felt compelled to remedy. For this reason we have made the sunbed pad cushions we produce customizable with the logo or the name of your beach bar.

We have given you various examples of how to make your structure look like the perfect balance between rest and comfort. If you believe that this beach furniture item is the right solution for your structure, we suggest you to learn more about the technical details on the page dedicated to sun lounger pads and ask a quote. If you prefer to stay up to date on the latest additions to outdoor relaxation, just sign up for our newsletter.

It still happens too often to savor only a taste of relaxation on the beach. This is why the sunbed pad cushions are the luxury accessories that every structure involved in the search for relaxation and comfort should make available to their guests.