Comfort zone

Pomodone: The luxury of being able to live between relaxation and emotions!

Design, passion and quality
Made in Italy

Made in Italy pouf
for accommodation and
residential facilities

Every single product is designed and created with the quality, passion and guarantee that distinguish us.

Aware of putting at your disposal comfort in every environment or situation, we devote ourselves to the pouf production and ergonomic furnishing complements, welcoming and enveloping, qualities of expression for your identity and personality..

The environment that surrounds us and the objects for rest and fun put in correlation with each other, become real multitasking scenarios where you can live and share emotions and relaxation at 360°. A careful research of materials and a “modern” taste inspired by nature and visual brightness with soft and welcoming shapes designed to adapt perfectly to the human body.

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Relax at 360°





Pomodone products are waterproof. Resistant and impervious to water, they are made to guarantee maximum resistance in all environments. In the snow or in a garden, on the sand or in a patio, our products do not fear the terrain or weather conditions. Resistance for us is synonymous with reliability

Resistant to

Pomodone products are resistant to UV rays. Our complements are available in nautical eco-leather fabric or in 100% dyed acrylic paste. Both materials of our lines are designed to have a high resistance to UV rays and guaranteed for 3 years against possible fading.


Pomodone products are fireproof. Our lines are made of quality certified materials. The fabrics and the padding and all the materials used for the realization of the finished product have fireproof certifications and are designed to be resistant on any surface and in any environment.


Relax is a lifestyle

Structures have us
chosen because…

Identifying a specific need is one of the most difficult challenges we are facing.

Many accommodation facilities marry our idea of relaxation, not only as a concept of a psycho-physical state but as a global definition in the creation of real comfort zone in any environment in any season, be it sea, mountain, beach or an office. Hotels, bathing establishments, clubs, wellness centers, all activities that make comfort, relaxation and fun their mission and their must..

We are aware of having ventured into an obstacle course, but the ideas, the time invested and the confirmation received up to this moment, confirm the choices made. The certainty of the quality of our work comes every day from the growing interest shown to us. Many have understood our ideas and put their trust in us by choosing our Made in Italy poufs.

  • Hôtellerie
  • Wellness centers and SPA
  • Seaside bars
  • Tourist accomodation facilities
  • Snowparks
  • Clubs
  • Events
  • Residences


Made in Italy poufs designed and made for structures that include the importance of comfort and relaxation at 360°.
Click on the side and discover Hotels, Bed & Breakfast, Hostels, who have chosen Pomodone for the relaxation of their clients…

Wellness Centers and SPA

Absolute equilibrium, calm and relaxation at 360°. Choose Pomodone to decorate the wellness areas. Luxury, comfort and enveloping relaxation for your guests. Click on the side and discover the SPAs and wellness centers that have chosen Pomodone

Seaside bars

The certainty of a piece of furniture that does not fade from the sun’s attacks, this is why Pomodone is the ideal complement for the beloved decor. Click on the side and discover the establishments that have chosen Pomodone

Tourist accommodation facilities

A demonstration of the versatility of our lines, confirming the craftsmanship and design of Made in Italy poufs and complements. Click on the side and discover the tourist facilities of the beautiful country that have chosen Pomodone for 360° relaxation of their customers …


With Pomodone lines everything is possible, even achieve relaxation through entertainment. Click and discover Snowparks and ski facilities that have chosen Pomodone for the fun of their customers …


Dance from dusk till dawn and relax while sipping cocktails on comfortable giant faux leather cushions. Click on the side and discover the clubs that have chosen Pomodone for the relaxation of their customers…


Discover the events that Pomodone has accompanied over the years with its own lines of customized products for the relaxation of their customers…


Poufs and furnishing complements attentive to aesthetic and functional factors to give value and image to the structure, creating an attractive and comfortable atmosphere for guests and clients. Click on the side and discover the wellness centres that have chosen Pomodone for the relaxation of their customers…

Facilities chose
us because…

  • Versatility
  • Ergonomics & Comfort
  • Quality
  • Design & Style
  • Craft production
  • Made in italy
  • Resistant and Durable
  • Pre-post sales assistance


Versatile furnishing solutions and complements designed for any occasion in any season. We work with passion to offer you the comfort solutions as a way to get the deserved relaxation.

Ergonomics & Comfort

Achieving comfort through the study and use of ergonomics. Ergonomic and comfortable, Pomodone complements are the perfect combination of health and well-being.


The quality of our lines is our business card. Made with fireproof materials, waterproof and resistant to UV rays each complement is produced according to the regulations in force.

Design & Style

Style and design for any structure. Complements with soft lines and unique design Pomodone lines are versatile furnishings and adaptable to all types of structures: offices, accommodation facilities, hotels, wellness centers.

Craft production

Artisan hands that work b>quality raw materials for the pleasure of personally making sure that each product pouf is ready to give the comfort and well-being for which it is made.

Made in italy

The territory intended for the quality of raw materials and as a guarantee of style and design that has always been a source of pride in the whole world for our country.

Resistant and durable

Waterproof, resistant to weather and UV rays every accessory is designed and built to withstand and accompany you over time.

Pre and post sales assistance

Pomodone lines are guaranteed for 3 years. We love to give the relaxation that for us of Pomodone is also linked under the warraty point of view, nowadays our pre and after sell services is appreciated by all our customers.

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