Customized poufs for your exhibit

It is important to be present, to be noticed, to leave a mark!

Pomodone helps you in this by creating customized poufs and tailor-made cushions to any environment.
Offices, open spaces, spas, hotels, the accessories we produce have no limits of use.


Your logo, Our comfort

Customized poufs: we leave the mark, everywhere!

Versatile in terms of use, comfortable and relief in terms of relaxation, we make sure that every tourist accommodation structure or an hotel, could have the opportunity to make their own, unique Pomodone complements by making customizations.


Printing the logo of your activity on a headrest cushion, or on a pallet mattress and any other complement of the lines we produce, are all ways to indelibly impress the memory of your customers who will remember you as the structure with personalized comfort.

Printing Methods

Digital or hot

Choose how to make your structure for your guests indelible

Our customized poufs, as well as all customizations we make on the products of our lines, are resistant to atmospheric agents and UV rays attack.
Depending on the needs and the material used, it is possible to choose between two different types of customizations.

First is a digital printing, where a chosen photo or logo are printed using a digital fabric printer.

In the second case, instead, through a vinyl print, the image is impressed with the use of a heat press.

Originality and Comfort

Pomodone, custom-made cushions for structures and events

A trade fair fitting, an advertising space in a shopping center, an information stand, we produce tailor-made cushions for all occasions and any type of event. When we say we want to be present everywhere we mean it and we are constantly striving to achieve this result.

Not only the structures such as hotels or accommodation facilities, but also companies that deal with organization of fairs ed events know the fact that comfort and relax are first things that make an event or a party a total flop or a resounding success. Pomodone tailor-made cushions are the answer for an original piece of furnishing.