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Pomodone Srl: The Company Made in Italy with the soul lined in relaxation

“Ideas come from needs and it is precisely the needs of comfort that move our soul.” Staff Pomodone Srl

Production of poufs and complements with maximum comfort for improving the quality of rest. The reference point for all tourist and accommodation facilities that make relaxation and design their business card.


Since 2008 we interpret
relaxation at 360 ° in terms of:


Creating lines of products that can be adapted to any environment and any situation


Renewing the concept of relaxation and reworking it in all its forms


Developing our personal concept of design innovation through a revisiting of shapes, colors and materials


Studying ergonomic products designed to indulge in a pleasure of rest in an embrace that is modeled to the body


Quality, Passion, Guarantee

With this characteristics we think, design and package our products. 100% waterproof, ergonomic and versatile complements.

Resistant to UV rays and available in different fabrics, our poufs are the expression of a relaxation beyond the boundaries of wellness.

Colorful and made with non-toxic materials, they are the perfect complement for an hotel or a tourist accommodation facility.

Giant pillows relax

unique sensations

Pouf production for researchers
of a “Comfort Zone”

We deal with pouf production eand furnishing complements for all those structures that, like us, love to transform emotions into unique, tangible sensations.

In order to make it possible, we need to create what we like to define the comfort triangle or “Comfort Zone”, which is the intersection between factors like: relaxation, environment and fun.


From a living room to a garden,
from a poolside to a seaside bar.

Indoor or Outdoor, summer and winter, Pomodone Srl product lines are suitable for all environments and all seasons but above all for your relaxation and fun.

We have decided to accompany you in any season, everywhere: beaches, hotels, wellness centers. Manufactured by hand and with quality materials, our bean bags are produced and guaranteed Made in Italy.

Discover Pomodone Srl lines

Pomodone Srl, the expression of relaxation beyond the boundaries of wellbeing.

Colorful complements created with non-toxic materials and resistant to UV rays. Available in different fabrics, Pomodone Lines are the perfect complement for an hotel or a tourist accommodation facility.