ergonomic poufs


Pomodone, the pouf that supports you in perfect ergonomics.

Ergonomics plays a fundamental role in the field of rest. We have discovered this through the research and development of comfort solutions for the community.

The study of design, researches of materials and countless challenges faced have therefore enabled the creation of ergonomic poufs reducing the conditions of psycho-physical stress.

We have translated the concept of wellness into an enveloping and comfortable embrace inspired by the simplicity and transparency of children’s emotions.

The idea becomes even more interesting if the intent is to insert these “enveloping embrace” in environments designed for relaxation: swimming pools, beaches, wellness centers or gardens of accommodation facilities.

These are the reasons that push us to interpret ergonomics as a study of interaction between man, relax and surrounding environment.

Analyzing this “triangle of comfort” we have therefore come to the conclusion that our lines must satisfy, optimize and relate to each other: people, environments, emotions and fun, creating what we love to define the “Comfort Zone” Pomodone.


We manufacture ergonomic poufs to ensure enveloping emotions in every situation.

In perfect harmony with any furnishing requirement and adaptable to any environment or situation.

Pomodone ergonomic poufs are designed and created to support and wrap the human body.

Lines created to enhance the combination of relaxation and design within the best tourist accommodation facilities such as: hotels, bed and breakfasts, seaside bars and mountain huts.

ergonomic giant cushions

Ergonomic poufs Pomodone

Modern furnishing solutions created for comfort in every occasion.

Events such as beach parties, snow events or important trade fairs.
It is essential for us to know that health and relaxation are present in every moment of your day.