mountain Line

Mountains home decor: complements for accommodation facilities, huts and chalets.

Whether we are talking about mountains home decor, a seaside chalet, a mountain hut or a hotel lobby on the coast, for Pomodone pouf armchairs, this makes no difference.

From sea to mountain Pomodone poufs are therefore the answer to the needs of accommodation facilities that want to offer versatile and quality spaces.

Discover the mountain line

Mountain Line

The relax furniture for interiors of accommodation facilities

We create complements with soft, ergonomic and relaxing lines, features that meet perfectly the comfort needs of any structure.

  • Bean Bag and Table

    Chair and Table

    Armchair Bean bag and coffee table,
    the set for a perfect rest.

    Design furniture for structures
    with unmistakable comfort.

  • Cube and Cylinder

    Cube and Cylinder

    Cube Pouf and cylinder pouf.
    Poufs with solid shapes.

  • Donut


    Floating donut Pomodone,
    a “classic” for lovers of inflatables.

    Donut pool float designed
    for the most “comfortable” guests.

  • Floats


    Floating bean bag Pomodone
    and Pool floating cushion.

    Furniture complements
    for aquatic environments.

  • Folding mat

    Folding Mat

    Beach folding mat, the complement
    for relaxation between sand and rocks.

  • Horseshoe


    Horseshoe Pomodone
    For structures that love to ride the wave

    Pool floating chairs
    Complements for aquatic relaxation.

  • IBIZA Floating Bed

    IBIZA Floating Bed

    Ibiza Floating Bed: the evolution of comfort at the beach and pool!

  • Jambo Mattresses

    Jambo Mattresses

    Jambo, the foam rubber mattresses
    for XXL comfort solutions.

  • Milk


    Pouf chaise longue Milk,
    the hybrid for relaxation furniture.

    Stability of a deck chair pouf,
    comfort of a chaise longue.

  • Padded Cushions

    Padded Cushions

    Padded headrest cushions:
    relaxation for everyone!

    Practical and customizable
    cushions for beach loungers.

  • Padded Fabrics

    Padded Fabrics

    Pomodone Padded fabrics,
    padded canvas for directors chairs and deck chairs.

    The evolution of comfort
    applied to beach furniture.

  • Pallet Mattress

    Pallet Mattress

    Pallet Mattress.
    The King of the pallet sofa.

    The empire of wellbeing
    conquers comfort.

  • PET


    Pet cushions and
    dog pouf.

    Relaxation designed
    for 4-legged friends.

  • Pirate


    Pirate pouf bed,
    to the conquest of summer 2018!

    The ideal furnishing complement
    for your structure

  • Pomodone


    Giant cushion Pomodone
    Relax in your pocket
    with a giant pouf.

  • Scivolone


    Scivolone, family sleds.
    Created for fun together.

    The added value of saftey
    in winter park equipment.

  • Seashell


    Pouf armchair Seashell,
    hidden emotions of relaxation.

    Softness of an armchair,
    Versatility of a bean bag.

  • Slittone


    Slittone, snow sleds
    designed for mountain fun.

    Snowpark equipments upgrade
    starts with a fabric sled.

  • Sun Lounger Pad

    Sun lounger pads

    Pomodone Sun lounger pads,
    and deck chair cushions.

    The evolution of comfort on
    beach furniture complements.

mountain line

Mountains home decor, chalets, hotellerie.

We produce design complements but we firmly believe that human beings can achieve complete wellbeing exclusively by “connecting” themselves to the surrounding environment.

We have therefore chosen to make complements that can be used in any environment.

From the mountains home decor to a living room of a bed and breakfast, from a co-working office to a waiting room, Pomodone is the answer wherever you need to find relaxation.

Interior Furniture

Pomodone Pouf Armchair,
the answer for a dreamy interior design.


In terms of design we have created pouf armchairs that recall dream scenarios. Suitable complements for rest and relaxation comfortably lying in the sun or at home.

“Armchair and coffee table” the garden set, giant cushions “Pomodone” and pouf armchairs like “Seashell” and “Milk”.

With Pomodone interior poufs you have rest and wellbeing as well as safety of guaranteed materials.


Handcrafted and customizable poufs to better fit any interior, pouf armchairs with the colorful “pouf coffee table” and “Cylinder” pouf complete the set for a perfect rest.