Photogallery Pomodone:
Images, sometimes,
are worth a thousand words!

Choosing Pomodone lines means choosing complements
created and dedicated to rest and wellbeing of its guests.

We produce versatile and design furnishing complements
that can adapt without distinction to any type of environment.

You judge…


The best way to give certainties? Demonstrate your own statements!

Today we are present in many tourist accommodation facilities and hotels, as partners in providing relaxation, reason why we preferred to show you some images of the most representative locations that have chosen us.

Hotels, SPA, clubs, seaside bars, discos, common areas, wherever there may be a need to relax Pomodone lines are ready to satisfy it with products specifically designed and ceated for this purpose.

Furnishing for facilities

For need there is solution,
for facilities there is Pomodone!

Giant pillows and pouf armchairs, with an unmistakable style and unique design. VIP loungers and pallet mattresses conceived for the luxury of relaxing in the sun in complete comfort.

Floats for swimming pools and garden furnishing complements that can concretely express what is conceptually the idea of relaxation, comfort and design that you have always desired for your facilities to transmit.