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Pallet sofa mattress: a soft cushion for your pallet!

materasso per divano pallet

Ecological, versatile, modern, wooden pallets (or pallets) have become in recent years the great protagonists of furniture. Inspired by this new trend we wanted to add a bit of Pomodone on it creating the pallet sofa mattress. A very soft cushion suitable for any piece of furniture made of pallets. There are many advantages to having furniture made with pallets:

  • offer a comfortable and spacious seat;
  • the pallet wood is strong and durable;
  • Pallet furniture can be kept outdoors;
  • the sofa cushions are easily removable, transportable and washable.

pallet sofa cushions

pallet sofa mattress Pomodone how to beware of imitations?

tarting from the standard dimensions of a Euro Pallet pallet, better known by the initials of EPAL, we have studied the ideal way to make the pallet sofa mattress special, like all our articles. Suitable for tourist facilities that need a resistant product was designed and built to accommodate a large number of people. Easy to wash and always in order above all beautiful, comfortable and guaranteed.

  • What materials is it made of?
  • The pallet sofa mattress is padded with foam rubber inside high density, called t25D. The foam rubber is the name by which the elastic polyurethane foam. It can have a higher or lower density, ranging from 20 kg at about 250 kg per cubic meter. This difference is generally given by the rigidity and by the resistance that the finished product will have to assume. Resilient and light, this material it is thermally and acoustically insulating. After numerous tests we have realized that this was the most suitable solution for the comfort needs of your guests. A soft base on which to sit designed to be resistant and offer rest to the totality of the people who will be welcomed in your structure. The exterior can be covered both in nautical eco-leather and in 100% acrylic fabric. In both cases we talk about waterproof fabrics, resistant to UV rays and that do not fade over the years.

  • Why were these materials chosen?
  • They are materials designed for the outdoors, they can be left under any weather conditions. After a simple wash, they will come back as new.

  • What are its dimensions and shape?
  • We have chosen the classic form of EPAL because it is very popular in furnishing shabby chic and modern. The dimensions perfectly cover the dimensions of the euro-pallet. For the most demanding we can also make the pallet sofa mattress on specific, customized measures.

  • Is it customizable? How can you personalize it?
  • Yes. All our items are customizable. With monochrome logos or writings, which are placed with a hot stamp.

  • How is a pallet sofa mattress made?
  • First, the fabric chosen by the customer is cut to size. They are sewn together all the pieces, a zip is added that will serve to insert the foam rubber inside and the Pomodone labels are inserted . After this the foam rubber is inserted and the product is finished. All done strictly by hand. Particular attention is paid to the stitching.
    They are double, to prevent water from entering and wetting the interior forming stagnations of humidity that could damage your mattress mattress cushion altering the comfort.

  • Different colors are available?
  • In the product sheet you can choose between various colors, different by type of material, and all tested and guaranteed according to the quality standards that have always distinguished Pomodone products .

  • How is it tested?
  • We left the pallet sofa mattress for a whole winter season under the elements. The following year, at the beginning of the summer, a deep cleaning was done and the result checked, and the product has returned as new. This tissue resistance test allows us to give you the due guarantees regarding impermeability, resistance, colors and comfort.

  • What is the strong point?
  • The seams and the resistance of the fabrics. Comfort and durability. The realization made by hand and with craftsmanship so as to have the correct and careful attention to every detail, essential for this product that it will host over time many of your customers and their “direct contact” with your structure and protagonist also in their selfies.

  • What sets it apart from other similar products?
  • A perimeter “skirt” in fabric allows the article to stand out from the other items currently on the market. This trick serves to lock the mattress on pallets making it stable. The skirt is also essential because it prevents that your guests could scratch or ruin their clothes with the pallet wood.

  • Do you have a guarantee?
  • Yes, like all Pomodone products, it has a 3-year warranty on: stitching and fabric resistance.

pallet sofa mattress

It doesn’t matter if you have to furnish a bed and breakfast or a farmhouse in the countryside, a lounge bar in the city or a restaurant, a beach club or a beach club, the pallet sofa mattress Pomodone will always be for you. With the Pomodone pallet mattress you can create settings of any kind: urban, shabby or country chic. In the relaxation and entertainment areas, the vast choice of colors and their combination will make the difference.

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