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Are you looking for all round relaxation and you don’t know which Bean Bag or Pouf relax to choose   for your venue? Get inspired by our tips.

Beach or swimming pool, seaside mountain or country side as well as a time break or recreation,  holiday means leisure, relaxation and wellness. Which relax pouf should you choose for your guests actually?

The Relax Pomodone line was created to ensure comfort and relaxation for your guests. Let’s see the features might make you buy and the reason to pick up the right product instead another.

There are plenty of models but in order to make the right choice, you need to think about the way to use each of them based on the material they are made as well as size and location you think to fit.

Pouf XXL, Pouf Armchair, Pouf chaise longue, Pouf cube or cylinder are available in:

  • many colour options,
  • different ergonomy,
  • bespoke logo,
  • easy to clean and sanitize according to current regulations,
  • equipped with handles for easy transport,
  • UV radiation and temperature changes proof
  • anti-tear
  • anti-abrasion
  • made by acrylic or eco leather fitting outdoor and indoor environment
  • made to resist typical wear and tear of an accommodation accommodating many guests throughout the seasons

Which pouf is the best for your venue and which options you might consider for your needs?

In order to be able to offer a solution, you need to tell us how you will use it. This is mandatory to understand the best material fitting your requirements as well as size to be placed on the right area.

The Relax Pouf line features about three groups:

  1. Pouf chaise lounge or Pouf XXL: Pomodone and Milk
  2. Pouf Armchair: Shell and Armchair
  3. Seats: Cubotto, Cilindro and Table (Don’t be confused by “Table” definition…. Table is a comfortable seat and also a versatile product)


Both products come from the need to go beyond the classic pouf and chaise longue concept in order to create a new quality product and being versatile for your needings.

One of the most popular product is the XXL pouf. All best designers are keeping the concept and the original idea proposing revised     versions of this somewhat shapeless pouf with a thousand variations.

The XXL pouf represents Pomodone. It was designed to satisfy any requirements about leisure’s venues as Hotels, Spa, Restaurants, Clubs, Bars, Beach Clubs even most demanding people looking to furnish stylish homes.  Featuring an original design and different fro any other bean bag or bean bag chair, with a rectangular shape that is particularly comfortable as it can be used by one or more persons. Actually, the 4 seams of our beloved big cushion allow this product to be placed at least in 3 different comfortable positions: relax, chair or recliner.

It is a truly versatile solution for both placement and use, almost like a bed or a sofa, soft to the  touch and super flexible, very durable, tear-proof and abrasion-resistant, with polystyrene bead filling. Your

guests would love to sit, relax and lie getting sun on the beach, by the pool or in many other places like the mountains and country side. It can be also a  comfortable mattress for two or a sofa for several people as well.

Milk is a product born by needing to re-think and develop the classic idea of a chaise longue by creating a new and versatile product. The 3 seams along the perimeter of Milk make it space saving when compared to the Pomodone one. Milk is a chaise longue and a soft seat that can be used indoor and outdoor. It is a creative and  versatile option for creating extra seats for one or two people. It is durable and it has a double safety lock with handle on top to move it easily where you need.

POMODONEWidth 135 cm
Height 175 cm
Weight 7.00 kg
Side handle for moving Storage pocket
Stainless steel rings for anchoring
100% solution- dyed acrylic
MILKFront width 100 cm Height 100 cm
Diameter 140 cm
Weight 6.00 kg
Handle at the bottom for movement
100% solution- dyed acrylic


The perfect seat exists. How to choose it?

First of all pay attention to the seat’s width and the backrest’s height. These features are very important and you need to be careful in order to do the right choice.

Are you looking for a truly multifaceted beanbag chair to use in any area of your venue?

The Seashell Pouf is the right option!

Comfortable and light, with a classic rounded shape and unlikely the armchair having a diameter of 70 cm, the SeaShell’s width allows to play different settings around the space providing more versatility.

The low size of the backrest’s height of the SeaShell makes this article the perfect solution for all those spaces designed to offer an idea of relaxation made up of aperitifs, music and lots of good wine, making the armchair the perfect choice for all those in search of all-round relaxation.

Are you looking for a comfortable, elegant and more structured seat?

The Bean Bag (Pouf Armchair) is the solution for you!

It has a more structured shape than a normal bean bag chair in fact it is shaped with a backrest but the whole thing is kept in a rounded shape like a bean bag. Produced in many colours, easy to clean, modern

and elegant design with clean and soft lines. If you don’t want to limit yourself to a traditional armchair but want to find the original, fun and comfortable equivalent our bean bag chair and coffee table are the

perfect furniture set for breakfast and relaxation areas where your guests can read the newspaper and sip their cocktails. Perfect for the garden, ideal for the poolside, fantastic for terraces and patios, a thousand ways to say relax, anywhere. The set that combines the elegance of a beanbag chair with the utility of a coffee table.

SEASHELLHeight 59 cm
Seat height 40 cm
Diameter 87 cm
Weight 5.00 kg
Handle on backrest for movement
100% solution- dyed acrylic
Seat height 50 cm Diameter 70 cm
Weight 6.00 kg
Handle on backrest for moving
100% solution- dyed acrylic


Before delving into the differences between each product, let’s find out what is the common denominator that inspired the choice of these items.
The answer lies in versatility!

Whether used as a support surface or as a seat, the comfort guaranteed is more or less the same. What differs is the stability guaranteed by the table-armchair which, unlike the cube and the cylinder, has a removable, fabric-covered plywood surface that allows the product to be transformed into a comfortable seat.

However, unlike the armchair-table, the insignificant dimensions of the cube and cylinder allow for easier storage.

TABLE-ARMCHAIRTop diameter 72 cm Height 45 cm
Weight 6.00 kg
2 side handles for moving
100% solution- dyed acrylic 
CUBEHeight 50 cm
Width 40 cm
Depth 60 cm
Weight 4.00 kg
Side handle for moving
100% solution- dyed acrylicnautical
CYLINDERHeight 56 cm
Diameter 50 cm
Weight 4.00 kg
Side handle for moving
100% solution- dyed acrylicnautical

If you are looking for a comfortable seat, a modern and versatile element for the comfort of your guests, easy to move and relocate when needed, the Realx Pomodone’S Line is exactly what you need.

Pomodone’s poufs and armchairs offer excellent support for the back and body. the type of padding they use adapts to our shape and follows it by filling natural spaces and curvatures, such as the lumbar region,

creating an optimal posture at all times.

Beanbags and ottomans are great solutions for adding a touch of style to your facility. Available in a wide variety of different shapes, colours and sizes ranging from very small to oversized, they are a very attractive piece of furniture as well as being functional and easy to move around and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Still have doubts or don’t know what the best solution might be for you?

Contact us or write to us for a free consultation. Our designers and technicians will be able to advise you on the best answer for your needs.