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Revolution of Beach Concessions in Italy: Latest Updates

Dear sea lovers and beachfront facility managers,

Today, inspired by an article by Alex Giuzio, Chief Editor of Mondo Balneare, we delve into the current situation and shed light on the trends and challenges awaiting the industry.

A Year Lost

The Meloni government promised clarity and stability in beach concessions, but one year after taking office, we are still awaiting a definitive solution. This lack of certainty has sown confusion in the sector, jeopardizing beach businesses and suppliers of industry-specific furniture and equipment.

Ongoing Debates

The debate over the fate of beach concessions has often centered on the dispute between proponents of bidding processes and defenders of the continuity of existing concessions. However, the picture is more complex.

Beaches, though on public land, are essentially private businesses. Therefore, any potential expropriation must take into account their value and ensure fair compensation. At the same time, the frequently mentioned Bolkestein Directive does not aim to “liberate the beaches” but rather to replace current managers with new ones.

Towards a Sustainable Future

Italy’s coastlines, with their 7500 kilometers of beauty, urgently need a modern regulatory overhaul. Legislation that transcends outdated rules and aligns with ecological challenges of the present, including the consequences of climate change on our precious coastline.

The countdown is about to expire: December 31, 2023 is a crucial date. In this journey of transformation, Pomodone stands by your side, ready to provide support.

The future of Italian beaches is a complex and vital issue. This debate goes beyond simplifications and requires a responsible approach to define a solution for the benefit of all. Pomodone warmly invites you to join us on this journey toward a bright future for Italian beaches.

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We appreciate your unwavering support and active participation in this revolution shaping the Italian beach sector.

Source cited: The publication in the “Mondo Balneare” magazine of an article by Chief Editor Alex Giuzio served as the inspiration for our article. This authoritative source provided valuable insights that we have synthesized here. For those seeking more information, the original article can be found at