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Fun, comfort and relaxation: among pool loungers mattresses and garden chairs cushions

pool loungers mattresses

Increasing turnover with simple items such as pool loungers mattresses and garden chairs cushions is absolutely possible! It may seem absurd but, believe us, do not imagine how these beach furnishings can sometimes be underestimated compared to the real potential they are able to develop. But let’s go with order.

If you are the owner of a tourist accommodation facility, be it a hotel or a seaside resort, you have not chosen one of the simplest jobs. We know that there are so many variables that you need to take into account. We are sure, however, that it is still worth working in this sector. The sense of fulfillment and gratifications are far more numerous than one might believe. This is what we have learned over time and it has been confirmed by the testimonies of our most loyal customers. It is an outdoor job, in contact with people on vacation who have fun, comfort and relaxation as their only goals. In fact, tourists, as it should be, are far more predisposed to having fun, smiling and socializing during their holidays than during work.

After all, the tourist is looking for something new. And this, today, translates into different ways.

garden chairs cushions

Loyalty of tourists with pool loungers mattresses, garden chairs cushions and other bathing equipment

Nowadays competition is high and more and more managers try to strive to be able to increase turnover. To be able to do this, it is essential to offer services that make your customers’ holidays unforgettable. Creating an indissoluble relationship with the tourist, in fact, is one of the keystones will lead you to retain your guests to confirm their presence at your facility also for next summer. But how to succeed in this mission?

One of the emerging trends is to be a meeting point during lunch and dinner. Others have instead preferred to focus their activities on the evening activity. They focused their efforts on becoming reference points for young people by integrating the dinner and clubbing activities among the services offered. These choices meant that the attention of the guests moved from the beach to the bar and restaurant areas.

As anticipated in the first paragraph, fun, comfort and relaxation are the three cornerstones that will help you retain your customers.

The fun: pool loungers mattresses and garden chairs cushions.

The highlight of the actual activity for a bathing beach usually begins in early spring and reaches its zenith in the summer. In August, 50% of annual turnover is reached. You get up early in the morning when the sun does not yet rise and then continue to work until late at night. The unknown bad weather is always lurking around the corner. If a weekend is characterized by bad weather, people don’t go to the beach. For this reason, many bathing establishments today have had to work to offer solutions tailored to their target. That’s why, many of them have become increasingly similar to restaurants, clubs and resorts.

Comfort and relaxation: pool loungers mattresses and garden chairs cushions.

The comfort for the guests of a beach bar is fundamental. The customer can in fact be influenced in the choice of one or another establishment relative to the comfort and level of relaxation present within your tourist facility. Equipping your own beach with pool loungers mattresses and garden chairs cushions will help you give that loyalty boost of which we spoke a few lines higher.

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Pool loungers mattresses and garden chairs cushions: the comfortable solution for guests and beach managers

To sum up, therefore, working on the sea and on the beach in contact with tourists is really tiring. It is not true that one works only four months a year and it is even less true to think that you earn a lot. Precisely this is the reason why many managers avoid investing in comfort or rebuilding their beach facilities. Year after year, during the winter period, that is when the maintenance of the seaside facilities begins, you realize how the salt and UV rays are not your allies at all. If we think really well then, especially in terms of turnover, you are in effect “spending more” by not renewing your equipment. Remember the old way of say, you get what you pay for? Well, in this specific case it is not a question of spending money but of investing in durable and resistant bathing equipment.

On balance, equipment such as pool loungers mattresses or garden chairs cushions will prevent your fabrics from being ruined or discolored under the sun’s rays. Pomodone mats and cushions, for example, have been designed to be applied on any type of loungers in both indoor and outdoor environments. The extremely resistant 100% dyed acrylic fabric with which we have made these comfortable beach furniture, makes them effectively waterproof and resistant to mold and bacteria and very easy to wash.

Many managers, in principle, had chosen Pomodone exclusively for the resistance of our products. Over time, however, they confirmed that having provided these soft seaside furnishings for their guests increased their sales as well as the image of their beach in two simple steps. In the first, the increase in relaxation for already loyal customers has generated massive word-of-mouth with a consequent expansion of customers. In the second case, on the other hand, the curiosity and desire of bathers to try a level 2.0 relaxation was particularly helpful. This continuous search for relaxation and comfort, in fact, has convinced people passing through and guests of the adjacent shores, to book their own umbrella at a new and more comfortable space for summer living in the open air. Have we convinced you too? Ask us for a quote for your facility by clicking here.